Apologies and Season Greetings

First, my apologies for being so remiss posting here. I’m a little behind, figuratively speaking. This is not to be confused with the size of my hindquarters. “Little” was a lo-o-o-o-o-ng time ago.

I am feeling guilty about how I behaved at a recent Christmas/Holiday party. Some of us participated in the gift exchange. I love these. In fact, I love presents!

Before I get to the point of this, it is important that I make it clear that I don’t cook. Mac and cheese (out of the box) with wieners does not qualify. I don’t cook stove top or oven. I don’t fry, saute, grill or bake. Not in my genes. The plaque on my kitchen wall totally reflects me: I serve 3 meals ….. Frozen, Microwave and Takeout.

Now, back to the party. When I correctly answered “mulled wine” in response to the required trivia question, I mulled over the gifts that were left, visually sizing them up. It’s not polite to pick them up to decide which one, is it? I know good things often come in small packages but the large box whispered my name. And I took it! Settled in the chair with it balanced on my knees, I slid my finger under the tape, careful to preserve the beautiful red aluminum wrapping paper. That done, I turned it around to see … (drum roll, please) … a handy dandy Larry the Cable Guy Git-r-Done Grillin’ Set with the necessary utensils and three different sauces. There were openings in the spatula (that’s what you call that thing you turn the burgers with, isn’t it?); it read Git-r-Done. Very cool, right?

Stupid me. I wailed…well, wailed is a bit of an exaggeration. A hint of whining tinted my proclamation of “I don’t cook”. Someone took the time to select, wrap (beautifully) and bring this great gift. It was so rude of me to behave that way. My apologies to whoever brought it to the Henderson Writers Group party.

I gave the grilling set to a friend of mine as a “just because” gift. She is way more culinary oriented and she loved it.

Will try to post again soon.

Merry Christmas/Season Greetings/
Good Tidings and Happy New Year to all

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  1. Laticia
    Laticia at | | Reply

    Going to put this arlitce to good use now.

  2. Joanie
    Joanie at | | Reply

    pretty cool sis…. so proud of you….

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