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Recently the power in the key fob for my car died. No big deal, thought I. I’ll just have to open and close the doors manually.

My lackadaisical, unrealistic accepting attitude quickly changed to “I hate this!”

You can only lock and unlock using the driver’s door. I always put my attache and whatever else I am transporting to and from work on the passenger’s seat and floor. This would be fine if the manual lock resided on the passenger’s side, but it doesn’t.

After the second day, I was annoyed by the inconvenience. By the fourth day, I was plain ticked off. I started putting my paraphernalia in the back on the driver’s side. This helped except when bringing home food for the carbon units, which I do on a regular basis since cooking is not in my DNA, but that story is for another time.

Reason did rear its logical head with comments like “How spoiled you are. Remember your last car?”

Yes, I fondly recall my Isuzu Rodeo – no electric windows, no key fob to electronically manipulate all the doors – but I didn’t miss what I didn’t have. (Which is the way of things, isn’t it?) I was happy with it and only deigned to part company when things began to go wrong. In all fairness, it was thirteen years old and had served me well.

Imagine my surprise when I got my new vehicle with windows that I could lower and raise with a touch of my finger, lock and unlock all of the doors in the blink of an eye (not literally). Technology in cars had come a long way since I bought the Isuzu! Best of all though was the gas mileage. I quickly adapted to my new, improved car.

Now back to where this blog began…When my husband took my current car to the dealer for service in response to a recall notice, the mechanic said he would replace the battery. When I pressed the button to automagically unlock my vehicle the next day, the fob didn’t work. So I continued to endure the inconvenience (oh woe is me, as if there aren’t more important things) until we were close to the car dealer again soon after and it was replaced for real this time.

All is good again. Another minor catastrophe overcome. 🙂

The upside: I was reminded to appreciate what I have.

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