Ashes to Diamonds, Dust to Dust

Ashes to Diamonds, Dust to Dust is a series about a woman raised in a dysfunctional family in her early formative years. She transforms into a black widow – marrying, murdering, then turning her victims into diamonds for her collection. Deadline for completion: the old age of twenty-nine. The technology is real. The woman is not. She spins her web from the United States across the pond to English high society and back. Book One – Diamonds of Fury is being published this year.

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  1. Jalen
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    Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and ruignnn.

  2. Brian Yates
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    How is the blog business going? The trick is to keep posting. I am torn as to whether make long posts or to keep them short. For now, I am keeping them short at

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